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‘New solution to an old problem’ wins top prize in Creative Data

The winner of the Creative Data Lions category is Data Tienda, a Mexican campaign to make micro-credit loans available to Mexican women, 35 million of whom do not have a bank account and therefore have no formal means of getting a loan to improve their businesses.

Data Tienda gets around this problem by collecting the credit records from the local shops that the women use regularly, and then awarding them a credit score that the banks recognise. The scheme has already enabled thousands of Mexican female entrepreneurs to access loans that had previously been denied.

“It’s a new and original solution to an age-old problem,” Jury President Alan Kelly, CCO at Rothco/Accenture Song, said. “I love ‘what if’ ideas and this one raises the bar in the category. There was no need for an army of data specialists. Really you just need a curious mind to come up with something as brilliantly simple as this.”

Kelly also revealed some of the trends he and his team of jurors spotted: “Levelling up was a reoccurring theme, and creating a level playing field cropped up in both The Black Elevation Map campaign and Black Characters. There was also a brilliant anti-hijack initiative that warns drivers in Johannesburg to avoid places where hijackings are happening.”


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