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Hope Reef wins second Grand Prix

‘Hope Reef’, entered by AMV BBDO London on behalf of Mars Petcare’s Sheba brand, has picked up its second Grand Prix of the week, in the Media category. The campaign, centred on efforts to revive a coral reef in Indonesia, was selected by a jury determined to “reward bravery and creativity,” Jury President and global CEO of IPG Mediabrands, Daryl Lee, said.

The campaign involved growing a living coral bed in the shape of the word Hope – drawing on the expertise of marine scientists and local communities. The reef acted as a natural billboard that could be seen from space. It was also subject of a dedicated YouTube channel which offered people the option of funding similar coral regrowth projects.

Lee said the goal was to find campaign that “did good but authentically linked to the brand’s values and business”. The Sheba connection is that cat food depends in part on sustainable fish stocks. By regrowing coral, the Hope project also boosted the number of fish in the region.

Looking beyond the Grand Prix, Lee said the Jury favoured campaigns that came up with unexpected, creative and innovative solutions: “

We were interested in the hacks, the renegades and disruptors. Attitude was the key for us.”

Nine Golds were awarded including one for ‘Backup Ukraine’, a Grand Prix winner this week. There were Golds for India and Portugal, continuing a strong 2022 campaign for both countries.


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