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First prize for Speaking in Colour

The winner of the first ever Creative B2B Grand Prix is ‘Speaking in Colour’, a campaign created by Wunderman Thompson Minneapolis for Sherwin-Williams Coil Coating. Jury President Paul Hirsch, president & chief creative officer, Doremus said the campaign was a “perfectly-targeted B2B execution based on a robust technology that really worked. It covered so much ground from innovation to personalisation, but with the scope to have a global impact.”

At its heart, ‘Speaking in Colour’ is a voice-led technology that allows architects to choose highly nuanced colours simply by explaining what they are looking for and then progressively narrowing down options until they get the exact shade they envisaged. AI-powered natural language systems mean users can start with a memory or a desirable location such as a ‘Caribbean sunset’ or ‘deep green paddy field’ and then add instructions such as ‘make it moodier’ or ‘add a splash of orange’ to reach their desired end goal.

Hirsch said: “B2B often follows B2C in terms of ideas, but for this first year of the Creative B2B category we really wanted to focus on B2B first ideas. This is something that has started in B2B, but could go on to have an explosive impact when adapted to B2C applications.”

The Jury also awarded three Gold Lions to campaigns from the US (2) and Belgium.


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