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Viral victory for ‘brilliant’ Marcel

THE ENTERTAINMENT for Sport Grand Prix has gone to ‘Women’s Football’, a sensational piece of creative work from Marcel, Paris on behalf of Orange.

The campaign, which went viral in the run-up to the 2023 Women’s World Cup, captured global attention by showing elite male French footballers executing high quality football moves. At the end of the ad, however, it was revealed that the male imagery had been digitally superimposed over French women footballers — causing a widespread re-appraisal of the quality of women’s professional football.

Jury President Louise Johnson, CEO Fuse UK/EMEA, said it was “a brilliant piece of work that showed the prowess and excitement of women’s football while dismantling stereotypes. It sparked a widespread conversation that transcended borders.”

Looking at the wider category, Johnson said: “What stood out for me was the quality of work. A lot of it hit the criteria we had set ourselves, which was to reward original ideas that would work in the real world. We also wanted to see work that connected to sport culture and could deliver against brand business objectives.”

In terms of trends, Johnson said she was “excited” to see so much quality work around women’s sport — reflecting a step-change in activity around the sector. She also noted the use of humour and brands moving towards a fan-first approach.

The Jury also awarded Gold Lions to campaigns from the US (2), Canada and Spain.

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