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Vegan leather substitute turns waste into profit

The ‘Pinatex’ campaign, created by L&C New York for the Dole Sunshine Company and Ananas Anam, has taken the 2022 Grand Prix for Creative Business Transformation.

Dole Sunshine Company, one of the largest producers of pineapples in the world, partnered with Ananas Anam to produce Piñatex, a sustainable replacement for leather, the planet’s second-most polluting product. The fibres from pineapple leaves are used create the vegan, cruelty-free leather alternative, which is now being used by over 1,000 brands and has generated more than $100m in revenue.

Jury president Ronald Ng, global chief creative officer of MRM, said: “We were looking for an idea with genuine longevity and one that also brought with it an undeniable magnitude of transformation. We were also looking for the sort of craft and elegance that takes an idea to the next level. And we were keen to see end-to-end transformation and measurable, credible impact. Piñatex ticks all those boxes perfectly.”

And Piñatex has turned the problem of millions of tons of pineapple-leaf waste into an opportunity and Dole Sunshine’s Philippines-based operation predicts it will be producing zero waste by 2025.

“It’s a brilliant idea that creatively connects all the dots and turns waste into profit.” Ng added.


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