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Michelob offers its business to farmers who go organic

The Grand Prix winner in the Creative Effectiveness category is Contract For Change by FCB Chicago and New York. The Award was announced yesterday by Jury President RAJA Rajamannar, chief marketing & communications officer at Mastercard Global.

Created for Michelob Ultra Pure Gold, the initiative came about because, despite the fact that 90% of Americans would prefer to buy organic products, only 1% of cultivated land is organic. Michelob offers farmers a Contract for Change which guarantees that it will become a customer of organic produce once their farm has gone through the three years needed to convert land to certifiably organic.

It also promised to pay 25% above the market rate in order to help the farm recoup the losses incurred during the conversion process.

“We chose the campaign because it goes above and beyond expectations. It is, in fact, utterly game changing for farmers and for other brands, not just Ultra Pure Gold. It’s a movement and a platform for the farming community, for the brand and for the planet. The overall impact is completely astonishing and we were all blown away by the brilliance and the sheer seriousness of this campaign.”


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