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McCann lifts Gaming Grand Prix for XBOX

THE ENTERTAINMENT for Gaming Jury has awarded its 2024 Grand Prix to ‘The Everyday Tactician’, an engaging work that shows the potential for gaming skills to be translated into real world scenarios.

Created by McCann London for Xbox, the campaign centred on the appointment of an Xbox gamer as a tactician for English amateur football club Bromley. Using data-based insights developed via the Football Manager Xbox game, the gamer, Nathan Owolabi, helped the club to its best ever league performance. The story was also told via a documentary on thematic channel TNT Sports.

The Jury President, Mojang Studios’ Lydia Winters, said: “Everyday Tactician delivered tangible results and embodied community engagement at a deep level. There was a storyline that keeps you connected, and a multifaceted campaign that really draws people in.”

Given that it was only the second year for the Gaming category, Winters said that the Jury was keen to reward work that sets a high benchmark and is memorable. There was a strong emphasis on work that showed how gaming could change lives and understood what it meant to be part of the gaming community. In terms of trends, she noted that “authentic, humorous solutions work really well for gamers.”

There were also two Gold Lions for entries from Mexico and Ecuador.


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