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FCB’s ‘Spreadbeats’ wows jury

FCB New York’s ‘Spreadbeats’, created for music platform Spotify, has won the 2024 Digital Craft Grand Prix. Jury President Kentaro Kimura referenced the unusual campaign as a victory for human creativity over tech.

Billed as a B2B marketing initiative aimed at brands and agencies, the campaign involved the creation of a sophisticated four-minute music video using spreadsheets. Featuring music by John Summit, the video draws entirely on spreadsheet tools to create stunning visuals incorporating graphics, colour and movement.

Kimura, who is also international chief creative officer and corporate officer, Hakuhodo, Global, said ‘Spreadbeats’ is “a very transformative idea that converts dry and boring B2B speadsheets into an exciting music video. It’s a truly innovative implementation that brings the wow factor to office workers. It shows how nostalgic old technology can be used instead of AI if you apply amazing levels of craft.”

Kimura said his team applied three criteria during their judging. “We were looking for transformative ideas with ambitious and aspirational goals that can change the status quo,” he said. “We also wanted to see tech being used in a unique way to drive creativity, and campaigns that really move the industry forward.”

In addition to the Grand Prix, the Jury awarded three Gold Lions, one of which went to ‘Spreadbeats’. FCB New York is also celebrating winning another Gold for its work with AB InBev Michelob Ultra (‘Lap of Legends’).

The other Gold went to adam&eve Berlin for ‘Without Consent’, a Deutsche Telekom campaign.


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