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Design Grand Prix for Peru's Circus Grey

THE PERUVIAN creative community is celebrating a Design Grand Prix for ‘Sightwalks’, a Circus Grey, Lima purpose-driven campaign for Sol Cement.

The winning entry is a game-changing innovation that helps the visually-impaired community by creating markings in the pavements where they walk. Some tactile paving already exists, which allows visually-impaired people to divine information about their whereabouts by dragging their canes across the ground — for example where they need to stop. But the new ‘Sightwalks’ markings add experiential detail, enabling people to know the difference between a restaurant, bank and store, for example.

Jury President Fura Johannesdottir, from Huge, said: “We liked the simplicity of this entry, which has the potential to make many lives better globally without anything needing to be translated. Sightwalks also gave us a glimpse into a world we didn’t understand because we weren’t looking hard enough. The idea that cement could be a design solution.”

In terms of trends, Johannesdottir said it was “inspiring to see how global Cannes Lions has become. There was a really global perspective in the work and our jury.”

She also said there was “more playfulness in the work. We’ve been quite serious as an industry, but making the world a better place can also be fun and joyful. I think this  playfulness was evident to some extent in the choice of mediums.”

The Design Jury also awarded five Gold Lions to campaigns from the US, Germany, France, Brazil and Spain.


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