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Demand for AI marketing grows in the UK

ATTENTIVE, the AI marketing platform for leading brands, has seen 128% revenue growth in the UK over the last year and has doubled the size of its UK team, underscoring the market’s continued demand for personalised SMS marketing and AI innovations as brands look to improve customer retention and reach new audiences.

close up of 2 women in beauty campaign
The Inkey List is working with Attentive’s customer strategy team

Attentive is an AI marketing platform for leading brands, designed to optimise message performance through 1:1 SMS and email interactions.

“The UK is a market with many innovative brands striving to meet shopper demands for tailored experiences,” Attentive CEO Amit Jhawar said. “Our rapid growth in the region is a testament to the significant value that shoppers and brands are experiencing with personalised SMS.

Attentive is now working with a broad range of brands across fashion, beauty, home, food and beverage, and more. Companies working with Attentive’s customer strategy team include The Inkey List, Victoria Beckham, ELEMIS, Warrior Supplements, The Range, and Charles Tyrwhitt.

Attentive gives the example of UK-based skincare brand The Inkey List, which according to Attentive, has seen 26 x ROI from its UK SMS programme, performing ahead of expectations. “With a mobile-first audience, the brand worked with Attentive to create a strategy focused on personalised and targeted messages that reach customers where they are – directly on their mobile phones. The company was able to send out its first campaign within two weeks of launch, resulting in an immediate positive impact on revenue.”

In March, Attentive launched Attentive AI – that comprises AI Journeys and AI Pro –  to “help brands create the highest-performing messages”. The company says Attentive AI is “reshaping the future of SMS and email with hyper-personalised interactions for the consumer, driving 115% increase in revenue and 117% more purchases”.

Adam Aubrey, head of ecommerce at Warrior Supplements, said: “I believe AI is going to be a cornerstone for decision-making moving forward and for allowing scalability and data-driven decisions.”


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