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Billboard star wins Creative B2B

THE 100-YEAR-OLD Spaniard called Marina Prieto won the hearts of the Creative B2B Jury, helping secure a Grand Prix for David, Madrid and JCDecaux.

In a touching campaign, outdoor advertising giant JCDecaux decided to prove the effectiveness of its billboards by filling vacant slots with images from her  social media feeds. In doing so, they transformed her  from a completely anonymous figure to a multimedia sensation.

Jury President Andisa Ntsubane, also managing executive: brand, marketing and communications Africa, Vodacom Group, Africa, said: “It was the ultimate celebration of humanity, showing how the power of a simple breakthrough idea can capture the imagination of people in 14 countries. It also proved the business case for the outdoor medium, by driving engagement with audiences and revenues.”

JCDecaux’s own figures back this point. As a result of its Marina Prieto campaign, the company signed up 185 new brands and secured record bookings.

In a surgical dissection of his category. Ntsubane said “a big theme this year is that we’re gaining momentum in creativity in this category. The creativity and strategic thinking shone through, making this a very exciting experience for the jury.”

Ntsubane also saw evidence of B2B brands moving to the forefront of addressing global and social issues. “We saw leadership brands taking leadership positions. We also saw an increase in the use of influencers, celebrities and humour to create an emotional connection to brands in what is often perceived as a cold category.”

The Jury also awarded two Gold Lions to campaigns from US/Brazil and Italy/Ireland.


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