TBWA\Media Arts Lab puts music at the core of Apple

Stephen Hancock

Stephen Hancock

Apple’s long tradition of highly original advertising is a source of pride and inspiration for Stephen Hancock, executive creative director at TBWA\Media Arts Lab, London. “Looking back at campaigns like ‘Think Different’ or ‘1984’, it’s a great tradition, but clearly the means of delivery change as times change. However, the message stays the same.”

Quality, unsurprisingly, is an important element in the relationship between agency and client. “What I love about the brand is their unrelenting search for perfection in everything they do, there aren’t many brands where absolutely everything is so finessed. Basically it’s a house of perfection based on very strong principles, and of course that inspires us to not let anything out until it’s absolutely up to scratch.”

The latest ‘Behind the Mac’ campaign for the UK market features still images of musicians, ranging from the very famous to obscure grime producers and figures from the jazz scene in the London suburb of Peckham. “Everything we do is because we believe in Apple and we love the brand,” Hancock added. “But we respect and are inspired by the fact that music is central to Apple, and we always try to keep it simple.”

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