Smashing the stereotypes

Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes

Introducing the Getty Images Time to Step Up: Smashing Beauty Stereotypes panel, broadcaster June Sarpong revealed that around 70% of women do not see themselves as being accurately represented in the media, which is one of the reasons why Dove worked with Girlgaze and Getty Images to create the #ShowUs image bank: “There are now over 6,000 images, and each one was tagged by the person being photographed, as opposed to the usual process where the photographer does it,” Sarpong said. “And it’s long past time something like this happened.”

Writer, producer and author Shonda Rhimes agreed: “The title of this panel could not be more apt, because smashing stereotyped images of beauty should have started happening years ago,” she commented. “But the idea of allowing non-stereotypical individuals to see themselves as they are is hugely important and a major step forward.”

Dove’s Global VP Sophie Galvani emphasised what such a step really means to real people: “When our research revealed that 70% of women feel invisible and marginalised, we knew we had to react. What we really want to achieve is to empower girls in school to look past standard ideas of beauty and be able to fulfill their potential, and thanks to Getty and Girlgaze this is now happening.”

Amanda de Cadenet, founder and CEO of Girlgaze admitted that she was initially hesitant because of the scale and ambition of the project: “We had to organize 400 shoots around the world in order to build a genuinely diverse and representative image bank, but all brands need to realise that there is real ROI in using images of real women in campaigns, because the majority of women are much more likely to buy products that show real people.”



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