Campaigns urgently need a human touch


Japanese independent agency Hakuhodo is today hosting a panel that will explore why today’s digital-centric national and international marketing campaigns require local human insights to be truly effective.

At the panel called Let’s Talk More About Humans: This Pathetic But Lovable Creature, Hakuhodo, Germany’s Serviceplan Group and the UK’s Walnut Unlimited will explain why their recently formed alliance is well-placed to offer such as service.

The speakers will be (pictured, from left) Hakuhodo’s corporate officer Ayami Nakao Pelata, Serviceplan’s global chief creative officer/board member Alexander Schill, Walnut Unlimited consultancy director Cristina Balanzo, and Kentaro Kimura, Hakuhodo’s APAC co-chief creative officer.

Pelata said: “In this age of globalisation, digital tech and AI, there’s been a lot of discussion about the nature of human beings. For brands to be truly authentic and inclusive, we need to understand our cultural differences and that is what this alliance will do.”

Harriet Palmer