AI doc examines links between machine learning and creativity

McCann Worldgroup’s Jon Carney

McCann Worldgroup’s Jon Carney

The ubiquitus but necessary debate about artificial intelligence’s (AI) role in human creativity was felt at Cannes Lions with the premiere of a two-part feature film from McCann Worldgroup and tech-themed Wired magazine.

The first part of the documentary, called Being Human In An AI World, is a McCann-Wired co-production, while the second film is a B2B version produced specially for McCann clients.

Ultimately, both explore the extent to which AI and machine learning have really benefited creativity, said Jon Carney, chief digital officer at McCann Worldgroup Europe.

“We’ve now reached the end of the decade that has been defined by tech saturation. This means the end of the era of digital naivety. We all know videos can be faked and digital assets can be falsified. However, every new tech comes with a massive new opportunity.”

He referred to Facebook, the social-media behemoth, as a great example of a new-tech media platform that has automated several roles in advertising production.

“We can see industries also using tech to simplify tasks in smart businesses and gamifying those tasks to make them fun,” Carney added.

“The next step is to automate those tasks and change the jobs in our industry forever. This will mean better creativity fuelled by tech giving us smarter data and better insights.”

Harriet Palmer