Fashion guru Lyons showcases her new WarnerMedia startup

Warnermedia’s Jenna Lyons

Warnermedia’s Jenna Lyons

US fashion and style icon Jenna Lyons was in Cannes yesterday to talk about her groundbreaking reality-TV/e-commerce deal with WarnerMedia, her first job since leaving US premium-fashion retailer J.Crew over two years ago.

The session Creativity At Scale: In Conversation With Style Icon Jenna Lyons saw her speaking to Kevin Reilly, president of WarnerMedia TV networks TNT, TBS and TruTV, about what it feels like to move from a conglomerate brand to become a startup venture.

Lyons admitted her new career in Hollywood has been quite daunting. “I was at J.Crew for 27 years in a job that came with much responsibility and lots of money. I had left a job that was my identity. I thought I had disappeared,” she said.

However, she added that she is raring to go with this newly created TV lifestyle-retail show, which is currently in production. Cameras will follow her as she builds from scratch a company where viewers can pick up ideas and shop for related products.

“This is about connecting with people,” she said. “You will get an opportunity to see how the company comes together. We will show viewers where to find lifestyle products they are far too busy to discover by themselves because there are so many things to choose from on the internet.”

But compared to Lyons’ years at J.Crew, where everything she said was in the brand’s name, the WarnerMedia agreement is giving her an opportunity to be herself.

“I don’t have to stay loyal with any one brand so that I can help viewers discover products’ different price points,” she said.

“This is about someone who can share what’s on her mind and her vulnerability is also going to be relatable,” Reilly said.

Harriet Palmer