Doconomy’s carbon card does nicely in eCommerce


To focus their minds, the Creative eCommerce jury resorted to graffiti — writing the attributes they were looking for on the wall of their jury room. The campaign that fulfilled all the criteria, and took home the Grand Prix, was Do Black, a carbon limit credit card from Doconomy.

Jury president Daniel Bonner, global CCO of Wunderman, said: “We were looking for something that other brands can learn from, that didn’t look like anything else, that had a wow factor, that is sustainable and scaleable… an idea we wanted to steal. This was it.” Entered by RBK Communication Stockholm, the ingenious card tells users what volume of carbon emissions they are responsible for with each transaction. It then sets a limit, so that card users are only able to use a certain amount of carbon per month. That limit marries up with the 50% reduction in emissions that the UN is calling for by 2030.

“It was a beautifully simple idea, stunningly executed — in a sector where it is difficult to make people feel emotionally connected,” Bonner said.

The Creative eCommerce jury only awarded one Gold Lion, to KFC Christmas Pocket Store, entered by Isobar China for Yum China.

Harriet Palmer