VMLY&R wins for Wendy’s


The winner of the Social & Influencer Grand Prix for 2019 is ‘Keeping Fortnite Fresh’, a campaign created by VMLY&R for burger chain Wendy’s. It managed to see off the challenge of Nike’s ‘Dream Crazy’, which scored three Gold Lions. The key, according to jury president PJ Pereira, is that Wendy’s found an organic way to integrate itself into gaming phenomenon Fortnite when it introduced fridges for frozen beef into its virtual gaming universe. As Wendy’s doesn’t freeze its beef, it sent an avatar into the game with the goal of destroying the fridges. Its actions caught the attention of the gaming community and generated a significant spike in the brand’s social media metrics. Pereira, founder of Pereira & O’Dell, said: “There was so much to love. It was an example of a brand jumping in quickly when the opportunity arose, without calling attention to themselves. There was a nimbleness and mischievousness to the work.” The jury awarded seven Golds to the US (5), France and Italy. Pereira said the category showcased “nuanced work where brands really understood the potential of social. They have developed a clear sense of voice.”

Harriet Palmer