Safety drive steers Volvo to Creative Strategy prize


‘The E.V.A Initiative’ is this year’s Creative Strategy Grand Prix winner. Entered by Forsman & Bodenfors on behalf of Volvo Cars, the ongoing campaign seeks to address the fact that women are 71% more likely to get injured in a car crash and 17% more likely to die.

Those statistics were derived from Volvo data relating to 43,000 collisions — which identified a problem with the fact that crash test dummies are modelled around the typical male physique. This is now being factored into Volvo’s shift towards gender equal safety.

Creative strategy jury president Tracey Follows, founder of Futuremade, said: “In the inaugural year for this category, we weren’t just looking for brilliant creative, we also wanted to send out the right signals for what we believe represents excellence in this category.”

Key trends, Follows said, included an emphasis on work that “had cultural impact and sought to bring back empathy as a theme.” She added that there were examples of powerful work achieved on a tight budget and others “that promoted the idea of strategies based on collaboration and partnership. One of the exciting things about the Grand Prix winner is that it made its data open source, so that other car manufacturers could participate in creating a safer world.”

Harriet Palmer