PR prize for ‘The Tampon Book’


A highly impactful and beautifully crafted campaign from Germany, ‘The Tampon Book’, has secured 2019’s PR Grand Prix.

Entered by Scholz & Friends on behalf of The Female Company, the campaign was designed to circumvent and draw attention to Germany’s unfair tax system, where tampons are classified as luxuries and taxed at 19%, whereas fine art, books and caviar are taxed at 7%.

The entry involved selling tampons in packaging that was designed to replicate a book, thus fitting the 7% tax criteria. Not only did this boost sales, but it drew attention to the iniquity of the law. Jury president Michelle Hutton, COO of Edelman Europe, said: “’The Tampon Book’ was a great example of modern communication, combining creativity with the craft of PR. It was a great call-out to the PR industry, that if they work with the creative community they can produce magic.”

The PR jury awarded six Gold Lions to the US (3), France, Peru and the UK. Hutton said the jury placed a strong emphasis on craft this year. In terms of trends, she said: “We saw media brands fighting back on issues like press freedom. We also saw a lot of very local work. Even in markets which are facing extra challenges, we saw brave companies and brands stepping up and creating movements of change. We also saw purpose at the heart of campaigns, not just as CSR activations.”

Harriet Palmer