Data winner lols the trolls


The Creative Data Grand Prix winner for 2019 is ‘Go Back To Africa’, a superbly-executed campaign that subverted online hate messaging by switching its context and using it to support a highly-targeted campaign that encouraged black consumers to visit Africa on holiday.

Created by FCB/Six Toronto for Black & Abroad, the campaign extracted the poisonous phrase ‘Go back to Africa’ from social media trolling and reinvented it as an aspirational invitation to the black community to visit Africa. The campaign was supported by imagery extracted from social media that showed black travellers enjoying Africa (as opposed to most travel imagery which features whites).

Jury president Yasuharu Sasaki, executive creative director at Dentsu, said: “There’s a lot of negative and biased data, such as fake news and hate messaging. But this Grand Prix tacked the problem by turning negative messaging into emotional content. There were some strong contenders for the Grand Prix but this one contributed to culture.”

Sasaki said the jury was looking for work that triggered a transformation and that had commercial and emotional value. “We also wanted to support work that promoted forward-thinking ethics about data — work that sets an ethical precedent. People are getting distrustful of data and we want to change that situation by supporting beautiful collaborations between data and creativity.”

Harriet Palmer