Top prize for Nike’s moving church reboot


The winner of the 2019 Industry Craft Grand Prix is sportswear giant Nike for Just Do It HQ At The Church, a groundbreaking concept entered by Momentum Worldwide and Momentum Canada.

A heart-warming campaign, At The Church saw Nike renovate a derelict church in Chicago, turning it into a basketball court/gymnasium. The idea was to create a safe haven in a neighbourhood where young kids are exposed to gangs and gun crime.

Jury president Trevor Robinson, founder and executive creative director of Quiet Storm UK, said: “There were some incredibly moving pieces among our finalists, but this one emotionally blew us away. It’s a way for these kids to escape the tough world they live in and it was tastefully done. Nike didn’t just splash logos everywhere.”

Robinson said the jury was looking powerful, impactful and inspirational work. Explaining why Nike came out on top against other strong contenders such as Tribeca Film Festival’s Great Stories are Timeless and Illinois Council Against Gun Violence’s The Gun Violence History Book (both Gold Lions winners), Robinson said: “The craft was excellent but there was also the legacy. This will save lives.”

There were also Gold Lions for Australia, Brazil and Germany.

Harriet Palmer