Questions of creativity and humanity

Taboola’s Adam Singolda

Taboola’s Adam Singolda

Creativity and curiosity are two human qualities an Artificial Intelligence-powered machine will never have, which is why our ability to pose questions and gain knowledge will be discussed during The Art Of Asking Questions, the Tabaloo-hosted session taking place today.

Steven Pinker, the esteemed Harvard professor renowned for his work in linguistics and language development, will debate that phenomenon with Adam Singolda, founder/CEO of the international online advertising service-provider Taboola.

Singolda said advertisers must learn to appreciate humans’ desire to discover things, something a robot is unable to do unless it has machine-learning data to analyse.

“Machines will never become creative; they can play chess but will never be able to invent chess,” he continued.

“Asking questions is the ultimate form of creativity, and my discussions with Pinker will be about how that has evolved and how technology, like Google’s search engine and Amazon’s Alexa, is also being influential.”

He added that Pinker was the ideal expert to speak about the topic as our ability to reason facilitates those moments of enlightenment we have during conversations. Technology will never replace that ability, but it is enhancing it.

As a B2B service, Taboola is famous for the “Around The Web” and “You Might Also Like” sections at the bottom of online-content services.

It works with digital-content providers, including major media firms like the NBC in the US and Indian news website NDTV, whose readers would like immediate access to more related content.

“For the advertisers we work with, we go beyond demographics. They can reach readers at a moment in time when they are truly open to their messages.”

Harriet Palmer