A Different Type of Agency Network

Mikael Jorgensen

Mikael Jorgensen


NoA or Northern Alliance was founded by Nordic agencies and embodies Nordic social values, but its ambition is to facilitate taking Nordic creative skills to an International level. According to Mikael Jorgensen, CEO and founder of &Co., and one of the driving forces behind NoA, it is a model other agency networks would do well to take note of: “We truly believe that our way of working, our creative heritage, and our social democratic values combined with our ability to collaborate, can make a deep impact internationally.” 

As Jorgensen observes, the majority of existing networks today were founded outside the digital age and operated on a “money first” mentality. “And fact is, that most of the old international agency networks in the Nordics are suffering. The best work is coming from other agencies, the best talent is looking elsewhere, and it is has been like this for years,” he said during Cannes Lions. “Many of us have previously worked in the traditional networks, and wanted to get out in order to focus on doing what we do best and what we enjoy - doing good work. And we have a belief that if you do good work, you get paid well, as opposed to the other way around, where money comes first.”

NoA now comprises 10+ entities across the Nordics, with offices in Poland and the US. “We don’t have management bonuses, we don’t have minority shareholders in each country that can take out dividend,” Jorgensen adds. “We are the first Nordic network combining Tech, Design, Advertising and Data driven insights in one. With creativity and collaboration as some of our main competences. We set up teams across all our agencies on a daily basis, and across borders. And we don’t make money on our family members competences. We share the value of a contract, and all dive in to solve the task ahead - as a family. And help each other - as family members should. It’s more a value-based thing than a money-based thing. Everyone shares the ambition to to good work and be decent people - and if we do good work, clients want to talk to you, talent want to work with you. And neither one wants to leave again.”

Harriet Palmer