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JWT's Delayed Flight breathes new life into a classic ad

JWT's Delayed Flight breathes new life into a classic ad


South America has long been a source of highly creative, highly effective advertising, as evidenced by its tally of Gold Lions and Grand Prix. Gary Smith asks some of the region’s top executives to name the best work to come out of the region in the last 12 months

Ricardo John, CEO of JWT Brazil and chief creative officer of Brazil/South America, says the campaign of which he is most proud in the last year is ‘Daddy Yankee vs Breast Cancer’ for the Susan G Komen Foundation. “I love it for its provocative approach to a very sensitive matter like cancer treatment, and because it features a noble and crafty use of pop culture,” he says. 

He also points to Kit Kat’s ‘Delayed Flight Break Machine’, praising it for taking the ‘Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat’ concept originally created by JWT into the “data-driven world”. 

On the subject of navigating that data-driven world, John believes that uniqueness is the way forward: “The pursuit of maximum efficiency often distracts us from the most important thing in the marketing world, which is differentiation. The urge for big and provocative work has never been so relevant.” 

Against this backdrop, John urges the industry to “stop chasing the audience and entertain them instead”. He adds: “Ultimately, it’s not about the number of Lions you win, it’s about quality. In our case, we are battling for brand ideas that lie at the intersection of technology, creativity and humanity. That’s the metric we use to judge our work on a daily basis and Cannes is the ultimate arena where you prove this is a path worth taking for your clients. We have been in this business for more than 150 years, and we believe we have a strong eye for creativity that goes beyond fads.” 

Health is also at the heart of an ingenious campaign from BBDO Argentina. “A campaign that makes me proud is ‘Tulipan Translate’,” says Ramiro Rodriguez Cohen, chief creative officer at BBDO Argentina. He explains that Tulipan is an condom brand that focuses on keeping youngsters safe in every way, including from sexting. “Tulipan has launched different products — co-created with us — to generate awareness of the risks of these new ways of having sex,” he adds. “The first product was Phondoms, a limited-edition condom to put on your cell phone, which blurs the images if you are filming while having sex.”

This year, Tulipan Translate was launched to address the problem of steamy messages arriving at inappropriate times and creating embarrassing situations. “We developed a free online service that encrypts text, so the user could write hot messages that will be translated into innocent ones in order to camouflage them,” Cohen says.

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Harriet Palmer