Double film honours go to Procter & Gamble


The 2018 Cannes Lions Film Jury has awarded two Grands Prix — both to Procter & Gamble campaigns. The first has gone to Saatchi & Saatchi New York’s scintillating NFL Super Bowl multi-execution campaign, ‘It’s A Tide Ad’. The second has been awarded to BBDO New York for ‘The Talk’, a P&G corporate social responsibility film that puts the company firmly on the frontline of the US racial equality debate. 

‘It’s A Tide Ad’ was one of the most acclaimed campaigns of the highly-competitive Super Bowl season. It stars actor David Harbour in a series of commercials that expertly mimicked other TV commercial tropes. Each ad started out looking like it was a car ad, a beer ad or some other over familiar Super Bowl cliché. But Harbour’s comic narrative united all of the executions by pointing out that the casts in every ad segment were wearing spotless clothes, thus making all of them Tide ads.


The second Grand Prix winner, ‘The Talk’, focuses on the everyday racism that black Americans have experienced generation after generation. It shows black parents giving their children confidence-boosting pep talks before they go out — or warning them about the kind of racist scenarios they may encounter. Positioned as a corporate image film for P&G, it concludes by saying: “It’s time for everyone to talk about bias”. 


Damon Jones, vice-president global communications, P&G, said: “This honour reinforces the power and the responsibility of brands to be the courageous change we want and need in the world.” Greg Hahn, chief creative officer, BBDO New York added: “This recognition is great, but recognition of the importance of the issue is even greater.” 

“It’s a true joy that we are able to transcend the conversation that black parents have to have with their children,” ‘The Talk’ director Malik Vitthal said. “This a great time to start investigating others and ourselves. I’d like to thank BBDO for their trust and vision.”

Harriet Palmer