A million thanks to Savlon


The winner of the Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix for 2018 is ‘Savlon Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks’, created and entered by Ogilvy Mumbai on behalf of client ITC. The award is a timely success for Ogilvy & Mather executive chairman and creative director, South Asia, Piyush Pandey, who this year has also been awarded the prestigious Lion Of St Mark jointly with his brother, the commercials director Prasoon Pandey. To enter the Creative Effectiveness category, work has to have won, or been short- listed, in one of the previous three editions of Cannes Lions. The ‘Savlon Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks’ campaign was a big success in 2017. A simple idea saw the chalk sticks that children use to write with at school infused with Savlon soap, so that they washed their hands before they sat down to lunch. More than a million children have been reached with the campaign, reducing their risk of hygiene-related diseases. 

“I really salute the client, which found a way to meet a social need by using a product attribute,” Piyush Pandey said. “A lot of brands make comments on society but this is an example of a brand actually solving a problem and continuing to lend its support to the programme. What’s exciting for us now is that we are getting more and more calls from countries in the developing world asking to help them out.” There were also two Golds in the Creative Effectiveness category, one for ‘Cheetos Museum’, entered by Goodby Silverstein & Partners in the US; the other, ‘The Child Replacement Programme’, created by Colenso BBDO Auckland for Mars Pedigree.

Harriet Palmer