How ad campaigns can create and accelerate to accumulate


SPEED is of the essence, according to R/GA’s senior vice-president and head of strategy, Jess Greenwood, and there are multiple reasons why the process of adding value to a company can and should be much quicker than it usually is. “ is an e-commerce company that came to us as a start-up and that was sold a year later to Walmart for $3.3bn,” she explained during the Transformation At Speed session yesterday. “In many ways, what they do is the same as what their competitors do, so we asked them what they really believed was their distinguishing feature. Initially they said that customer experience was their core value, but drilling down further it became clear that they had invested a huge amount of time and effort in designing systems that save people money. So we designed a campaign that proved how cost-effective shopping with was through campaigns like Super Bowl, which was about bowls of food, and ran at the same time as the real Super Bowl, but only online.”
The Super and Bowl hash tags meant it got a huge amount of attention, but cost very little: “It’s a good example of using media as part of the creative, something that doesn’t happen nearly enough,” Greenwood added. “At R/GA our media team is fully integrated into the creative process and that allows us to fold it in to campaigns.”
Summing up how agencies can speed up campaigns that grow companies, Greenwood said that it is important to do more than merely think: “You also have to make stuff, and the journey from thinking to making needs to be immediate. And finally, it takes much more than copying others, it’s a mistake to think and talk like everybody else.”

Harriet Palmer