Grand Prix double for Trash Isles


The winner of the Grand Prix for PR is 'Trash Isles', entered by AMV BBDO London on behalf of Plastic Oceans and The LADbible. The win makes 'Trash Isles' the first double Grand Prix winner of 2018 so far.

The campaign was built around the fact there is an area of plastic debris the size of France floating in the Pacific Ocean. This gave Plastic Oceans and LADbible the idea of registering the debris as an independent country called Trash Isles. Once done, this created an obligation for other countries to act to help clean it up. By awarding citizenship to celebrities ranging from Al Gore to Judi Dench (Queen of the Trash Isles), the campaign generated high levels of PR across a range of media.

Jury president Stuart Smith, global CEO of Ogilvy PR, said the jury was looking for ideas that would “entertainment, provoke and generate conversation. What appealed to us about the Grand Prix is that it gave voice to an issue that has actually existed for a long time. It took something that had no voice and created a powerful image that engaged with people right up to the UN. PR was woven through it at every level.”

While PR Lions winning ideas needed to “change the way we think or feel about something” they also had to “align with the brand”, said Smith.14 Golds were awarded to brands including Coca-Cola, KFC, McDonald’s and Opel. Among territories that aren’t so well known for winning Golds, there were successes for Ecuador, Romania and United Arab Emirates.


Harriet Palmer