Argentina Storyliving Cannes

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A project developed by Marta González Muguruza, global editor at Reporte Publicidad.

Argentina’s participation in the Cannes festival goes far beyond the Lions that fly back on the plane. Cannes Lions has always been a picture window for our country, one which, by dint of awards, strategies, personal and collective wagers by agencies, production companies, corporations and media, has managed to position Argentina as a generator of ideas on which the communication industry nowadays feeds at worldwide level. The festival is much more than talks and the handing out of awards. The festival is what is experienced during this week in Cannes. It is the joys, the fears, the competition, the achievements, the failures, the pressure, the surprises, the parties, the encounters.

For that reason, this year, in addition to the special edition of the magazine that since 1993 proudly accompanies the Argentine delegation, Reporte Publicidad has prepared an anecdote-rich audioguide with stories that we have been gathering from the participants, from this group of Argentines who year after year come to test themselves and to fight for the prize; and we have taken the city of Cannes as a canvas on which to geo-locate them.

Thus, as the creative community walks along the French seashore, it will be able to discover anecdotes told in the first person by emblematic personalities of Argentine advertising, which took place right there and that helped to build up one of our country’s strongest creative industries.

On the back cover of Reporte Publicidad magazine rack at the Palais des Festivals, you will find a map with the locations of each of these anecdotes. Use the QR codes to access each story’s audio narration.

Hear one of the stories - from Pablo Del Campo - below

Harriet Palmer