Making ads that beat the blockers


Leading figures from film production, marketing and advertising explored what it takes to dissuade consumers from skipping or blocking ads, in the session entitled Unskippable Craft.

The session will be moderated by Stink Global CEO James Morris, who told the Lions Daily News that “executives who blame technology or consumer attention deficit for the fact that consumers aren’t interested in their ads are missing the point. Platforms like Netflix, YouTube and Instagram are all seeing increased audiences, which tells me that consumers are avoiding ads because they aren’t interested in them.”

The answer, he said, is “to make advertising more entertaining. We need to get ideas and craft to such a standard that people want to talk about it in offices and pubs.”

Among Morris’s panelists will be the directing collective Traktor, who were involved in an acclaimed set of advertising executions for detergent Tide around the NFL Superbowl. “The message from that work is that you can be creative even in low interest categories.” Also on the panel are Platform 13 founder Leila Fataar and Film Nation co-president of production and acquisitions Aaron Ryder, who will help Morris explore the way risk-taking, cultural resonance and brilliant craft all help create entertaining content that people want to seek out, spend time with and share.

On the data versus creativity debate, Morris said: “Mining data won’t unearth a great idea. But good creators understand how data can make ideas better.” He recalled a Spotify campaign created by Stinkdigital in which listening data was translated into a localised outdoor campaign. Among the amusing results was that Justin Bieber was the most listened-to artist in Williamsburg, a Brooklyn suburb known for its music snobbishness.

Harriet Palmer