LDH ready to revolutionise music management model

Verbal (left) and Hiro of LDH   

Verbal (left) and Hiro of LDH



Lions delegates got a glimpse of the Japanese music management phenomenon that is LDH (Love + Dream + Happiness), a company that has revolutionised the Japanese music scene and is now aiming for global domination in their session.

“Japan is a big market so until recently we focused entirely on the domestic scene, and have built a considerable fan base,” LDH chairman and chief creative officer Hiro, said. “The way that we find our artists and build their careers is totally different to the way it’s done in the West, but even in Japan no one else works the way we do. We don’t just look after our acts when they are successful as music artists, LDH has many different arms to help nurture its talent. These include a school system to develop artists and dancers from a young age, plus brand partnerships that all feed into the live shows, and those shows are a culmination of everything LDH does with its artists.” LDH will explain their impressive rise at a session in the Lumiere tomorrow.

The firm collaborates extensively with apparel brands and food brands that sponsor the live shows. Those shows generate 60-70% of the company’s income. “We work with brands like Beats, Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Guess and Nissin Noodles, but we only work together if their ethos is in line with LDH’s values,” added Verbal, the company’s creative director, music producer and MC.
The Western music industry model, where agents, managers and labels are separate businesses, has been folded into one operation: “All those elements are under one roof at LDH,” Hiro added. “The idea was to create a medium where artists’ needs are being catered for, where they feel cared for and respected, in fact it’s a very personal approach to artist management and one that creates an environment where the artists can develop their full potential.”


Harriet Palmer