Harrowing Red Cross war story wins Film Craft prize


The winner of the Film Craft Grand Prix for 2018 is 'Hope/#Notatarget', a heart-breaking film produced for the International Committee of the Red Cross by Blur Producciones and SRA Rushmore of Madrid. Jury president Diane McArter, founder & president of Furlined, said “it touched us so deeply, it plunged us into a world we might not otherwise have imagined.”

The film sees a father driving his daughter to hospital through a dusty Middle East landscape. She has been shot in the stomach and he is racing against time to save her life. As the film comes to its climax, it is clear that she is fading away and needs immediate help. But as he carries her the last few metres he looks up and sees the hospital has been bombed. The message from the ICRC is that even wars should have rules.

“We were looking for deeper meaning, examples of craft that went beyond technical expertise and connected with our humanity,” said McArter. “This entry met our mandate for excellence in film craft, and helped us expand our worldview.”

McArter said a lot of work tackled themes of struggle, transformation and redemption. “And there were a lot of stories focused on families.”

There were also 13 Film Craft Gold Lions this year, five for the US, three for Germany, two for the UK and one each for Australia, Spain and the Philippines. The Spanish Gold went to another ICRC execution about the targeting of healthcare workers. Device and technology brand Apple secured three Gold Lions, two for Barbers and one for Welcome Home.

Harriet Palmer