What’s next for UK after Brexit?

Mark Lund

Mark Lund


International brand owners wary of doing business with UK ad agencies because of the constantly heated Brexit debates, should relax, Mark Lund, CEO UK at McCann Worldgroup said. In fact, the country is not only open for even more business, British culture, heritage and economy are more robust than ever and Britain deserves its standing as one of the world’s most innovative advertising markets, he added. Brexit refers to UK citizens’ voting in a 2016 referendum for Britain to exit the Euro- pean Union after over 40 years. The country has since felt divided as debates about the advantages and disadvantages of leaving have intensified. But Lund insisted it would be a mistake to misunderstand the passion behind the disagreements.

“We’re one of the major innovators and creators in the world and if the world feels the UK is crippled with self- doubt, it would be a shame. We’re more resilient than most nations,” he added.
Lund’s views are based on the recent findings of McCann’s The Truth About Britain research series. Started 10 years ago, the series has examined the state of the UK, from the 2008 global financial crisis, through the 2012 London Olympic Games and the Brexit vote to today. “Understandably, there was a lack of optimism at the beginning of that period. Then came the Olympic success. And despite the Brexit vote, the world has not fallen apart and the sky has not collapsed,” Lund said.

“The UK has such a long history and its sense of continuity is so important. Seventy percent of those interviewed for our survey think Britain is a great place to live. What we concluded needs to be said because it would be easy to get the impression that the UK is somehow damaged. It isn’t. Any anxiety is overstated.” The robust business being done at McCann, which will also be unveiling some findings about trends in brands and culture within individual European markets at Cannes Lions, is also reflected in the state of the nation.
McCann is the biggest advertising group in the UK by revenue. After the US, the UK is the second biggest market for the McCann Worldgroup globally.


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