Keeping the customer satisfied with added disruptive creativity

Vineet Mehra (left),  Emily Kraftman, Micheal Austin and Doreen Wang

Vineet Mehra (left),  Emily Kraftman, Micheal Austin and Doreen Wang


Brands should be able to grow the value of their businesses by as much as 265% by combining disruptive creativity with great advertising, advised experts in a new report launched at Cannes.

Called Disruptive Creativity: The New Model for Marketers, the BrandZ report was launched Monday, when delegates were told disruptive creativity is the new yardstick for determining your business’s growth.

“Why do we need to build strong brands?” asked Doreen Wang, global head of BrandZ, a subsidiary of research conglomerate Kantar Millward Brown (KMB). “Because it leads to better margins, better competition and superior shareholder returns.”

She added: “Marketing is the most important investment any company should make to be sustainable. And the number one driver of a brand’s growth is disruptive creativity, the perceived innovation by consumers.”

The report concludes that the sky-high values of popular brands like Disney, Apple and Netflix are largely due to the public’s perception of disruptive creativity in their respective businesses.

BrandZ’s findings are based on the analysis of 3.6m consumer interviews covering 122,000 brands in 51 markets over the past 12 years.

“The best way for brands to influence consumer perception is through effective communications, by experimenting with new formats and, most importantly, by delivering a great brand experience,” Wang said.

 “Brands that consumers perceive to combine creativity and disruption with great advertising have performed the best, boosting average brand values by 265%,” stated the BrandZ report.

“What matters most is the consumer’s perception of your offering. If you are disruptively creative but it isn’t felt by the consumer then that effort is worthless,” Wang added. “But if they feel it, and it is supported by great advertising, then you can supercharge your brand’s growth.”

Wang was speaking to’s chief marketing officer Vineet Mehra, Deliveroo’s head of marketing, UK & Ireland Emily Kraftman and car maker BYD vice-president Micheal Austin during the session.


Harriet Palmer