Trump tweets and burgers win Outdoor Grands Prix


The Outdoor jury awarded two Grands Prix this year, one for a billboard-based McDonald’s campaign, and the other for a Comedy Central New York installation.

The McDonald’s campaign was created by Cossette Toronto and McDonald’s Toronto, and was a series of simple creative executions that reimagined the idea of restaurant directions, using the brand’s iconic golden arches. Jury president Chris Garbutt, chief creative officer, TBWA, said “we loved this idea because it was so pure, iconic, bold, confident and reductive. The best outdoor stops you in your tracks and communicates instantly. It really telegraphs its intention — like this McDonald’s campaign.”

The other Grand Prix was created by Comedy Central in partnership with Conde Nast’s creative and event agency 23 Stories. It involved creating a pop up museum in New York which was given over entirely to President Donald Trump’s tweets. Called the 'The Daily Show Presents: The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library', the project ran for three days and drew high levels of traffic and lots of social media and PR coverage. Garbutt said: “The initial reaction of the Americans on the jury was that maybe the campaign only worked within a US bubble, but that view changed as we listened to the opinions of other jury members. Our conclusion was that it is a great example of how humour and satire can combat the kind of tensions and problems we are seeing in the US at the moment.”

More generally, he talked up the potential of outdoor to drive social change. “When people want to change things for the better, they take to the streets. The power of outdoor is that it is visceral, real, revolutionary — it provokes an engaged conversation. We saw a lot of provocative work this year, work with a higher moral compass.”

In addition to the Grands Prix, there were 14 Gold Lion campaigns, from countries as varied as France, Brazil, the UAE and the Philippines. Ogilvy Hong Kong was awarded six individual Golds for executions for client KFC Birdland. “It was a good year for food advertising, with McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King all producing great work,” said Garbutt. Burger King and LolaMullenLowe Madrid won Gold with Scary Clown Night

Harriet Palmer