Creativity must change lives


Announcing the results of this year’s Pharma category, jury president Rich Levy, CCO at FCB Health, explained why there was no Grand Prix awarded for the second consecutive year. “We did not award a Grand Prix simply because there was no campaign that lived up to the idea of genuinely life-changing creativity,” he said. “On the other hand it was fantastic to see so many major companies on the shortlist for the first time and such a lot of really fantastic work. But we all agreed at the beginning of the judging process that we had a responsibility to do Pharma properly because we felt that, as in the past, it was not as representative of the category as it should be.”
A total of three Gold Lions were awarded – to the ‘Blink to Speak’ campaign by TBWA\India; ‘The Hearing Test in Disguise’ by Che Proximity of Melbourne; and ‘Change Gout’ by Grunenthal, High Wycombe/Langland Windsor.

“There was a lot of technically excellent work as you’ll see from the winners in Gold, Silver and Bronze. We are also very happy to see that the winners are a truly global selection.” Ultimately though, the jurors were looking for ideas that went beyond straight messaging. “The first couple of days we spent block voting, it was only after that, that we started to really discuss what we were looking for, and especially when it comes to the matter of awarding a Grand Prix, we were looking for a campaign with a higher goal,” Levy added. “There were two campaigns that we were considering for Grands Prix, but ironically, the one that we would have awarded one to, the Blink to Speak campaign from TBWA\India, we could not because it came from an NGO.”

Harriet Palmer