Corazon’s Grand Prix winner touches everyone’s heart

R John Fidelino

R John Fidelino


The Grand Prix winner of the Health & Wellness category is ‘Corazon – Give Your Heart’ by John X. Hannes of New York. Explaining why the campaign had been chosen, jury president R John Fidelino, executive creative director, InterbrandHealth, said that the campaign was impressive for its reach: “It touched on so many different media channels, and that highlights a hugely important aspect of what we do.”

Lasting 48 minutes, heart-specialist company Corazon’s film “tells the story of a Latin American sex worker whose heart is failing her, and her subsequent battle to get treatment”, Fidelino said. “The film, which sends a powerful message about the importance of signing up to be an organ donor, was also a triumph in that it highlighted the dedication of the people who work in the health industry.”

When it was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, it was accompanied by an app that encouraged people to sign up as donors. “Extra sessions were added due to the popularity of the film,” he said. “The results were extraordinary, with hundreds committing to the idea on the nights of the screenings. And the next phase is that it has been picked up by several airlines for in-flight viewing.”

Fidelino was also highly impressed by the variety of the shortlisted work: “The campaigns were very multi-cultural and covered topics such as animal health and health insurance, but also there were several that dealt with both personal illnesses and also societal problems such as bullying. Overall it was an excellent spread of work and I am sure the fact that the sub-categories are much clearer contributed to that by making objectives much clearer – which helped the entrants and also the jurors.”

Harriet Palmer