Brothers in creativity

Prasoon and Piyush Pandey

Prasoon and Piyush Pandey


The Cannes Lions International Festival Of Creativity 2018 will honour Piyush and Prasoon Pandey with the prestigious Lion Of St Mark. The award is a timely recognition of the role played by the charismatic brothers in shaping the Indian advertising industry.

Piyush Pandey, who is executive chairman and creative director, South Asia, of Ogilvy India, did not join the ad industry until he was 27, having started his career in tea. However, he attributes his seamless transition to the fact that he comes from a very creative family: “My parents and older siblings were all into some kind of arts or culture and that obviously had an impact — even on a boy who was much more interested at that time in playing cricket.”

Looking back, Piyush says the arrival of colour TV in the early 1980s was a pivotal moment for the Indian ad industry: “It marked the beginning of the end for the copy-led advertising that we had inherited from the British. Because India is home to so many different languages and cultures, you need advertising that people can relate to at a more emotional level.”

Piyush’s younger brother Prasoon was carving out a reputation as a leading commercials director and now has his own company, Corcoise Films. Over the years, he has worked with a diverse group of clients, including Philips, ICICI Bank, adidas and Fevicol. Like Piyush, with whom he often works, Prasoon talks fluently about the journey that Indian advertising has been on in recent decades: “Indian advertising has inevitably been heavily influenced by the West, but we are coming into our own. For me personally, my work has always been very rooted in Indian culture and ethos. We have this incredible history and remarkable culture, so it makes sense to take pride in that through our work.”

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Harriet Palmer