The Blaze takes Film Craft Grand Prix

Robert Galluzzo

Robert Galluzzo

The winner of the Film Craft Grand Prix for 2017 waws ‘The Blaze – Territory’, a thought-provoking piece of film for musical duo The Blaze, created by Iconoclast Culver City, USA.

Jury president Robert Galluzzo, founder/executive producer Finch Australia, acknowledged that the film would be “an unexpected choice” but said it was a “wonderful, passionate story that moved us. We didn’t see it as a Grand Prix winner but as our gift to the Festival.”

Questioned on what made the music video stand out against branded rivals, he cited “brilliant casting, cinematography, music and editing”. He said “film craft is a tricky category because it is not about broad structure but minutiae. But there has never been a more important time to understand the value of the craft and artistry of film.”

Territory’s closest rival for the Grand Prix was We’re The Superhumans, entered by Blink Production and 4 Creative London on behalf of Channel 4. “It was a very good piece of work that won a Gold Lion. But sitting in the dark at 1am watching the two films for a final time, we were unanimous that Territory was flawless. It was vulnerability and poetry on screen.”

13 Campaigns were awarded Gold Lions – including The Blaze. The category was dominated by the US and UK, but there were also wins for Japan, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Harriet Palmer