Dentsu Y&R Tokyo Lands mobile prize

Andy Hood

Andy Hood

The winner of the Mobile Grand Prix for 2017 was ‘The Family Way’, an ingenious campaign entered by Dentsu Y&R Tokyo on behalf of Recruit Lifestyle Co product SEEM.

Seem addresses the problem of infertility by making it possible for men to check the quality of their sperm using mobiles. The significance of this is that many men still think infertility is something to do with their female partner and are unwilling to go to clinics to find out if there is an issue with their sperm. By allowing men to check their sperm at home, SEEM has encouraged men to take responsibility and to move into fertility treatment more rapidly.

Mobile jury president Andy Hood, head of emerging technologies AKQA, called the campaign “brilliant and aspirational. There are ingenious creative people who look at platforms and work out how to go deeper…how to subvert the technology and make it do something unanticipated, unexpected and unimagined. That’s what we want to celebrate.”

The mobile jury also awarded a Gold Lion to The Family Way. Seven more Golds were awarded to campaigns from Australia (2), the US (2), Brazil, Italy and France.

Harriet Palmer